Man with iPad inspecting solar panels.
Improve Quality. Reduce Risk.

Leading in testing, inspection, certification and compliance

We strive for quality.
For guaranteed results.

Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Thanks to our team of seasoned experts, we have rapidly gained a reputation as the top specialist in the field of quality and safety.

Our mission remains the same as that of the small organisation that saw the light of day in 2015: we want to support innovation in an ever-changing world. That way, our clients can safely continue trailblazing the way forward. Together with our clients, we see or create opportunities!

Our services

Normec's specialists focus on Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance. As an independent organisation, we ensure the quality and safety of our clients' materials, systems, processes, products and services. This is essential for you to be able to take the next step with your organisation or grow your business. Together we create opportunities for the future.

Person presses button on machine.
Sampling water to test by Normec AWS.
Lamp post inspection.
Man holding pipette in laboratory.
Man inspects meter box for Normec Certiprotect.

"Our clients are not only concerned with the obligations. As an organisation, a certificate also shows your customers that you stand for quality and reliability."

Joep Bruins, CEO Normec
man at mast.

Our approach to creating sustainable, forward-looking solutions

Sustainability, ESG and corporate social responsibility are aspects that deserve attention within every organisation. And at Normec these are special focus areas. Many ESG principles are embedded in Normec's services and social role from the outset. This intrinsic desire for improvement is the cornerstone of a robust sustainability policy.

Normec is everywhere around you

Indispensable certificates for every industry

Normec assists organisations in many industries through testing, inspection, certification and compliance. Because we have far-reaching expertise in all these areas, we help diverse organisations take a crucial step forward every day with a focus on efficiency and quality. Moreover, we help our clients with something even more valuable. We help them with opportunities.

tractor driving on land.
Lifting crane in use when building houses.
construction & infrastructure
Industrial park next to a river in a grassy field with windmills and solar panels.
Two colleagues in conversation behind a desk with laptop.
financial & professional services
Peppers are inspected for quality.
doctors operating.
Industrial park located on the waterfront.
Two mountain bikers in the mountains.
Inside building with multiple floors.
local authorities &
public services
Container ship in the harbor.
maritime & offshore
Apartment complex on the waterfront.
real estate
truck driving on the road.
transport & logistics
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15 Apr 2024

Normec partners with Farma Consulting & Partners

18 Mar 2024

Normec partners with Heppeler

28 Feb 2024

Our Journey Towards Science-Based Sustainability

man with work helmet and orange work vest.

Working at Normec

Knowledgeable. Enterprising. Ambitious. Diligent. Traits that are recognizable among the more than 4,000 Normec employees. At Normec, these are personality traits we appreciate and are happy to accommodate. We have a love of science and legislation but also always recognize a window of opportunity. Opportunities for our clients and our employees.

Creating a safe and healthy working and living environment?

Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.