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The number one in testing, inspecting and certification

Normec is a leading organisation in the Testing, Inspection, Certification, Compliance (TICC) industry. Our areas of expertise range from water, air and soil quality to fire safety, food safety and management systems.

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Window of Opportunities

At Normec, first and foremost, we assist our clients with Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance, or TICC for short.

Our knowledge and experience in these areas and the latest technology we apply to them take our clients a crucial step forward every day. Moreover, we help quality managers for government agencies and companies with something even more valuable. We help them with opportunities. Because we are enterprising, we look for additional opportunities. We go the extra mile, or as we are fond of saying at Normec, we seek a window of opportunities. And that is reflected in our logo.


Safely pioneering

Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Thanks to our team of seasoned experts, we have rapidly gained a reputation as the top specialist in the field of quality and safety.

Our mission remains the same as that of the small organisation that saw the light of day in 2015: we want to support innovation in an ever-changing world. That way, our clients can safely continue trailblazing the way forward. Together with our clients, we see or create opportunities!

Today, we have over 4,000 motivated employees working to improve our clients' organisations every day. We are the proud employer of professionals with years of experience in and knowledge of the industry in which they operate. Clients regard the contact with every inspection team as pleasant. Personal. Committed. We deep-dive into an organisation. Comprehensive test reports, fast but thorough and well-automated certification procedures: this is the standard as far as we are concerned. Because we also provide organisations with advice they can rely on, we set a new standard with the client.

"Our clients are not only concerned with the obligations. As an organisation, a certificate also shows your customers that you stand for quality and reliability."

Joep Bruins, CEO Normec
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Do the words inspection and certification conjure images in your mind of bureaucratic enterprises that threaten to diminish your passion for quality? At Normec, the winds of acceleration are blowing.

Because we, too, are passionate about quality. Because we are committed to creating a better world, while also improving good business practice. Because we recognize that the knife must cut both ways. Because we want to help organisations move forward. Because we dislike obstacles too. Because in addition to being TICC experts, we are also enablers, and have a higher purpose. Because we take extra steps that we call “Window of Opportunities.”

Facts & figures

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Locations in Europe

From many offices in several European countries, we help you move forward.

Passionate employees

The large group of experts who assist our clients with deliberation and implementation.

The year of incorporation

The year we formed Normec in support of innovation.

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The winning combination of substantive expertise and a flexible organisation

Normec was founded in 2015 by three driven entrepreneurs: Joep Bruins, Martje Princen and Marco Zomer. The companies acquired in the years since have often been around for decades and have made their mark in their respective industries.

The goal was clear from the beginning: Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. All the specialized divisions of Normec offer the winning combination of substantive expertise and a flexible, approachable organisation. With intelligent, thorough and independent research and reporting, the company combines professional expertise with excellent, IT-driven services. This is how Normec sets the standard, by recognizing and creating opportunities.


An internationally oriented network of true specialists


Messages from the board

Normec wants to contribute to a sustainable and safe living and working environment.

Joep Bruins
Chief Executive Officer Normec
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Creating a safe and healthy working and living environment?

Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.