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Indispensable certifications for every industry

Normec assists organisations in many industries through testing, inspection, certification and compliance. Because we have far-reaching expertise in all these areas, we help diverse organisations continue to grow with a focus on efficiency and quality.

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Proper soil condition and water quality are essential in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry. By conducting water analyses, manure tests and soil tests, we ensure that soil fertility is in order. Together we pursue opportunities for optimal nutrition, animal health and animal feed.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Normec tests, inspects and certifies in all areas of progressive building, infrastructure and environmental management and safety and quality systems. In short, we offer our clients the right tools to ensure a safe and efficient working and living environment. Better and faster.

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The energy transition is in full swing, and Normec is setting the standard here too. For example, we help companies make CO2 reduction verifiable. We also help demonstrate the sustainability of your renewable fuel, energy or raw material chain through certification. And we also provide safety training for working on wind turbines and with high and low voltage.

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Foods travel a long way before it reaches the consumer's plate. A challenging process with many critical points. As a knowledge partner in food safety, product quality and taste, Normec makes the best contribution to quality throughout the chain.

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Financial & Professional Services

The government sets requirements for quality, safety and sustainability. Your clients also place demands on your personnel, services and processes. Normec has many years of experience in inspection and certification of management systems and fair labor.

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Safety is a point of major concern for health care organizations. This is especially true for buildings that house vulnerable people (such as health care facilities and hospitals). Normec can provide optimal support and advice in the areas of fire safety, water safety and medical hygiene.

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We offer a very wide range of services for the industrial sector. These range from industrial fire safety to water quality in the manufacturing industry, as well as legally required environmental studies. We also offer certified safety training for the chemical industry and heavy industry.

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In the leisure sector, water is used for a variety of purposes. These include drinking water and pool water at swimming complexes and hotels, for example. We help you ensure the safety of your visitors, through sample collection and analysis of water and by providing advice on and implementation of water treatment techniques.

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Local Authorities & Public Services

For the public sector, we offer various safety services, such as the testing of surface water, swimming water and drinking water and fire safety inspection and certification in public buildings. In addition, we also provide safety training for police, fire and customs personnel. Finally, we conduct environmental studies and testing that can aid in decision-making.

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Maritime & Offshore

When it comes to the maritime and offshore industry, safety is the key word. Therefore, we test water quality in accordance with international law for shipping companies in the maritime sector. We provide safety training in accordance with globally standardized training guidelines, and we test drinking water and air quality on drilling rigs, oil platforms and ships.

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Real Estate

As a building operator or owner, you would like to achieve a favorable energy balance in the run-up to projects and provide legal proof of the results. Normec assists you, with sustainability certification for buildings, for example, such as the energy performance certificate when buildings are sold. We conduct asbestos surveys for new construction and refurbishment projects, and you can also turn to us for water quality analysis. If water treatment proves necessary, we always have a suitable solution for that too.



Every day, we test food products, concepts and packaging. This allows you to know exactly what consumers care about and increases your product's chances in the market. We also take care of fire safety. In shopping centres, showrooms, supermarkets and department stores, fire prevention is necessary to ensure the safety of visitors and staff and protect inventory.

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Transport & Logistics

Normec is a true knowledge partner for companies in the transport and logistics sector. Choosing to attain and maintain certification in the areas of quality, occupational health and safety, and environment and sustainability is a choice to pursue knowledge and excellence. Our auditors conduct project and office audits of certified transport and logistics companies on a daily basis.


Indispensable services to improve quality and reduce risk.

As an independent organisation, we ensure the quality and safety of our clients' materials, systems, processes, products and services.

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Creating a safe and healthy working and living environment?

Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.