Advipro joins Normec

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05 Jul 2022

Advipro was founded almost 20 years ago and can look back on impressive growth figures over the past years. Advipro is a knowledge company supporting projects and processes in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry.

The company was founded by Peter Scheyltjens and Kristel Patteet and currently has more than 140 employees. The head office is located in Lille and there are also branches in Willebroek and Breda (NL). Advipro is a knowledge company supporting projects and processes in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry. Advipro also has a mobile validation team, equipped with state-of-the-art measurement instruments, and has its own high-tech clean room that serves as a training center, which is unique in the industry. Since 2018, investment company Pentahold participated in Advipro alongside the founders. As of June 2022, Advipro will be fully part of Normec.

Toon Witvrouwen (CEO Advipro) said, "The partnership between Normec and Advipro is the result of an intensive process in which we searched for the best placed partner to support Advipro's growth ambitions. By combining the strengths of Normec and Advipro, together we will create a stronger organization with an excellent service package and high-quality knowledge. We enthusiastically look forward to the future where together we can realize our ambitious growth plans. Furthermore, our customers can continue to count on the same quality and service as they are used to from Advipro."

Joep Bruins (CEO Normec) said, "It was a unique opportunity for us to work with Advipro and we absolutely could not let it pass. We are very impressed with the reputation and dominant market position Advipro has built in the life science industry. The company is known for its expertise, high quality and excellent customer service. These are core values that are also central to Normec. We are extremely looking forward to working together with the Advipro team and to jointly further expand the life sciences activities within our group."

About Normec

Normec is a growing and entrepreneurial company in the field of testing, inspection, certification and compliance with more than 2,500 employees mainly in the Benelux and Germany. Normec distinguishes itself by combining knowledge-intensive services with excellent service levels for its customers, partly through the use of advanced technology.

About Advipro

As an independent specialist, Advipro provides flexible total services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical and high-tech sectors. Our activities focus on quality design, implementation and operation of critical systems, processes and facilities in regulated environments, with product and patient safety as a common thread.

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