Normec plants 4,500 trees in Malawi

20 Nov 2023

Corporate social responsibility is here to stay. At Normec we work on this every day. Recently you could read an article about the Water for Life foundation, which we support with various projects. But this is not the only charity in which we are involved. This year we planted 4,500 trees in Malawi. One tree for every Normec employee!


The 4,500 trees were planted in collaboration with Regreener and the project is led by WeForest. By reforesting on Mount Mulanje, we aim to protect water and biodiversity. WeForest is protecting and restoring more than 35 tree species here. An important part of the project is to create alternative sources of income for the communities around Mount Mulanje, who used the forests for firewood and charcoal. This is being done by introducing beekeeping as a new source of income. To date, the area has 938,391 growing trees of 37 different species, benefiting 6,306 local families.


By planting the 4,500 trees, we are helping to achieve the goal of protecting water and biodiversity. Thus, by planting the 4,500 trees, we have offset 450 tons of CO2. This is equivalent to:

  • 2,250,000 kilometres walked instead of driven

  • 418.4 flights avoided from New York to Amsterdam

  • 90 average households in annual energy consumption.


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