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Window of Opportunities

Knowledgeable. Enterprising. Ambitious. Diligent. Traits that are recognizable among the more than 4,000 Normec employees. At Normec, these are personality traits we appreciate and are happy to accommodate. We have a love of science and legislation but also always recognize a window of opportunities. Opportunities for our clients and our employees.

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Making a difference and seizing opportunities

With their drive, the three founders have grown Normec into a professional organisation that truly makes a difference in the marketplace. We exist and grow through knowledge and expertise. We excel because we do more in less time. This mentality is what sets us apart. It is our unwavering appeal.

We are looking for more people who recognize and seize opportunities. For initiators and entrepreneurs. Knowledgeable people, with experience in one of our fields. Because Normec is expanding rapidly and steadily, domestically and abroad. Do you possess the traits we are looking for? Are you knowledgeable and energetic, with a strong sense of responsibility? If so, we are curious about your drive. If you are the right fit, there may be a role for you within one of our teams.


Our job openings


What is it like to work at Normec?

Martje Princen.

Our teams always keep an eye on the future; we keep looking for better solutions. We want to be at the forefront of our profession.

Martje Princen
Managing Director Normec Safety
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Normec is a leading organisation in the TICC industry. Our areas of expertise range from water, air and soil quality to fire safety, food safety and management systems.


Creating a safe and healthy working and living environment?

Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.