Goodacre 100% part of Normec

Person sqeezing grapefruit to test the quality.
26 Oct 2021

From October 1, 2021, Goodacre, a major player in the world of product inspection, will become part of Normec.

With this acquisition, Normec Foodcare has become the largest player in the field of inspections in AGF. Together with the inspectors of Maas Fruit Quality Inspections and Product Quality Inspections, more than 40 inspectors work daily to ensure the best quality in fruit and vegetables.

Meet Goodacre

As a quality control company, Goodacre specializes in the inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Quality inspections are carried out on location, both on behalf of an exporting producer and the buying retailer.

Added value throughout the chain

Everything is aimed at enabling our customers to produce healthy and safe food. Each stage of the chain affects this and has its own challenges. The acquisition of Goodacre fits in with Normec Foodcare's ambition to make an even better contribution to quality in the entire chain as a total supplier and specialist. Product certification is an important part of this.

Added value in agro, feed and food

Together we form Normec Foodcare: leader in the entire chain and knowledge partner in food safety, product quality and taste. By combining our expertise, we help with all kinds of issues and solutions in the field of quality and food safety, laboratory research, taste tests, product testing, QA automation, flexible deployment of quality managers and inspectors, education and training, risk management and label compliance.

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